Airport Cleaning Job in UAE

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If you are looking for the best Airport Cleaning Job in UAE, we will help you with this article. In this article, I am sharing the latest airport cleaning job you can apply for today. This job is best for those people who don’t have high quality and skills. So if you’re moving to Dubai, make sure to apply to this job before booking your ticket.

An aircraft cleaner is responsible for cleaning and restocking the aircraft’s interior. Airline cleaners clean the entire aircraft, including the passenger areas, restrooms, galleys, and overhead compartments. Ensure there is no trash on the floor and that there are no left-behind items on the plane, and clean the seats and floors. Clean, clear, and stock the cabin in accordance with expectations as you assist baggage handlers, aviation crew, or catering staff.

Airport Cleaning Job in UAE Requirements

You must hold a high school diploma and be cleared to work on planes to become an aircraft cleaner. A background check and identification check are required to obtain this clearance. Airlines consider aircraft cleaners to be entry-level positions. You should gain experience as a janitor or cleaner before making a career change to becoming an airplane cleaner. Cleaners who communicate effectively with their colleagues and managers are preferred by airline employees and cleaning department employees.

Airport Cleaning Job in UAE Details

Industry: Airlines

Career: Mid Career

Job Location: Dubai

Salary: AED 3001-3500

Experience: 1 – 2 Years

Job Type: Full Time

Gender: Both Male and Female

Contact Number: 971502532826


Street: Al arouba street

City: Dubai


  • All airport buildings were cleaned, scrubbed, and buffed in an efficient manner.
  • We have cleaned all airport buildings and placed rugs and carpets correctly.
  • All furniture, fixtures, doors, and windows were polished, cleaned, and wiped as directed.
  • A thorough cleaning of the waste receptacles and ashtrays was performed.
  • All finger and smudge marks were detected and removed properly.
  • The job involves gathering and transporting waste paper and other garbage to a designated disposal site.
  • All water coolers and sinks were cleaned and sanitized throughout the airport buildings.
  • Outside entrances, stairs, and checkpoint areas were swept and cleaned.
  • The airport’s walkways and passageways were cleared of snow.
  • Maintain all cleaning equipment, including brooms, vacuum cleaners, and mops, provided by the company.


  • Maintending airport terminals, properties, and office facilities
  • Customer service experience and in-depth knowledge of cleaning methods
  • A thorough understanding of the laws and regulations governing personnel and safety
  • Expert in using and operating manual and power-powered cleaning equipment
  • Being able to communicate politely with coworkers, supervisors, and crew members
  • Able to detect spills on airport premises and mop them up in a timely manner

How to Apply

As part of this job, you will clean floors, shampoo rugs, wash walls and glass, as well as remove the rubbish. So if you want to apply to this job, then please drop your cv with the hr on +971502532826

What is an aircraft cleaner?

The job of an aircraft cleaner is to keep the interior and exterior of the aircraft clean in accordance with protocol and standards. They clean cabins and compartments, clean bathrooms, distribute soap and replenish supplies as part of their duties.

Is cleaning jobs hard?

You could spend all day cleaning a facility for a commercial client, exhausting yourself at the end of the day. You will reap the benefits of paying attention to your body so long as you pay attention to it. By comparison, an average office worker leads a sedentary lifestyle that leaves them feeling drained and sluggish.
I hope this Airport Cleaning Job in UAE helps you to start your career in Dubai. This job is suitable if you don’t have a high level of Education. So what are you waiting for? Let’s apply to this job right now for free!


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