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Hung Wah Farm Ltd. is looking for seasonal farm workers for their fruit farm in Bardford, Ontario. The work is quite simplistic and pays well. To find out more about the role, read on below. Application details are also mentioned at the end of this job post.


Farm worker at Hung Wah Farm Limited in Bradford, Ontario, Canada.

Salary and Benefits

$14.50 per hour for a 40–45-hour week.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • One of the primary responsibilities of the worker is harvesting the fruit trees and vines. This is a seasonal employment during the harvest season, therefore, most of the work will include harvesting.
  • The worker must also de-weed the plants to assure that a healthy produce is obtained.
  • The produce must be checked for quality and those that get approved after inspection are to be loaded onto transportation vehicles and sent off to the market for sale.
  • The worker will have to pack the produce accurately into crates.
  • The worker might also have to operate machinery on the farm for harvesting purposes.
  • Identifying the trees that have ripened fruits will be a core responsibility of the job.
  • Watering the trees is also the responsibility of the worker.
  • Since the work is fast-paced, the worker should work with dexterity to assure that the produce is shipped before it gets over ripe which will reduce the price of the produce.

Candidate Requirements

  • Since the job is fast paced and requires handling heavy loads, the worker should be physically fit to handle the work.
  • The worker will have to sort the produce based on the quality. Therefore, the worker should have the ability to distinguish between colors.
  • No degree or diploma is required for this role. However, proficiency in speaking and reading English language is a must. This is because the instructions will be given in English and the worker will have to communicate with the manager and other workers in English. Produce shipment forms will also have to be read and filled in English.
  • Since the job required the worker to do manual work along with long hours of standing, bending, kneeling, and crouching, the work is quite physically demanding.
  • Overtime is required for this role since the work is seasonal. However, the worker will be compensated for the overtime.   

How to Apply

To apply, call at 416-389-2238. You can call between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. This position is open till 1st December 2021 and only those who are legally permitted to work in Canada can apply for the role since the employer does not have the authority to send out work visas to foreign applicants.


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