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A reputed distribution and transportation company in Sharjah is looking for trailer drivers. The job has quite an attractive salary package compared to the market average. The salary will be disclosed to those who are selected for the role. Please read on to find about the roles and responsibilities of the trailer driver.


Trailer driver at a reputed distribution and transportation company.


Unspecified – Overtime required

Roles and Responsibilities

  • The trailer driver will be responsible for cross-country transportation of goods.
  • The driver will be responsible for the safety of the goods.
  • The roles and responsibilities of the driver also includes lifting heavy loads and uploading it into the trailer.
  • The worker should be flexible and agree to working overtime since cross-country logistics can have unprecedented delays.
  • The worker should be well-aware of the rules and regulations of transportation from the UAE to Gulf countries.
  • The driver will also be responsible for communicating the fuel needs to the logistics manger.
  • Any repair or maintenance requirements should also be communicated to the logistics manager so there are no hassles in making the delivery.
  • Maintaining cleanliness of the trailer is a must.
  • The responsibilities also include fixing small issues in the trailer so that there are minimal delays during the trip.
  • Punctuality and meeting deadlines is a must for the worker. This is because at times the company gets contract because of quick delivery times.

Candidate Requirements

  • Since the job requires having knowledge about the regulations and the routes, someone who is experienced is required for the job role. 1-2 years of experience is a requirement for this role.
  • The job requires long hours of sitting in the trailer and driving; therefore, someone who is physically fit will be best suited for this role.
  • Since this is a long-term and permanent role, someone who can adjust to the work culture of the company will be preferred.
  • The work is fast-paced and requires the driver to meet the deadlines. Therefore, someone who can handle pressure well will be best suited for this role.
  • The driver should have a valid trailer driving license.
  • No educational degree or certifications are required for this role. However, speaking proficiency in Arabic and English is required.

How to Apply

To apply, email at You can apply to this position by 1st October 2021.


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