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In New Brunswick, Canada, a reputed poultry farm runs its meat packaging unit. Nadeau Poultry Farm Limited is looking to 25 meat packaging workers. The role is permanent and full-time and pays quite well. With a lot of vacancies available, the chances of securing the role increases tremendously. Read on to find out more about the job role:


Meat packager at Nadeau Poultry Farm Limited in New Brunswick, Canada.


16.94 per hour for a 40-50 hour week.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • The worker’s primary roles and responsibilities include checking the meat for quality assurance.
  • Once the meat is checked, the worker will be responsible for washing it properly, cutting it and processing it as processed foods and packaging it.
  • Each worker will be responsible for one task per week, but will be trained to do multiple job roles.
  • Since the job is repetitive, the workers will be rotated to other work stations to assure that they do not get body injuries from working continuously repeatedly. Therefore, the worker should be flexible enough to adjust in any role.
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of the processing machines and the surrounding areas is a must. The worker will be responsible for cleaning the machinery before the shift starts and cleaning after the shift ends. The worker might also be required to clean the machine in between as required to maintain efficiency of the machines.
  • The worker will be trained to handle small issues in the machinery and common repairs. The worker will have to handle machine loads and small repairs on their own and report if the issue persists or a bigger issue comes up.
  • The worker should be agile to meet deadlines and ship out orders on timely basis for delivery to customers.

Candidate Requirements

  • The job requires long hours of standing and doing manual work. The worker will also be required to bend, crouch for certain tasks repeatedly.
  • No experience or educational background is required for the role. However, proficiency in English and/ or French is a must as instructions and trainings will be delivered in this medium.
  • Since this is a long-term and permanent role, someone who is a good team player will be best for the role.
  • The job requires the worker to give overtime in case any large orders with short deadlines come up. However, the workers will be compensated for adequately.
  • Since the work is quite demanding, a flexible worker will be required for the role.  

How to Apply

To apply, email at, or call 506-992-2192 from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. You can also drop off a resume on 2222 rue Commerciale, St-Francois, NB, E7A 1B6 in person or by post. This position is open till 1st December 2021.  


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