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A farm in Leamington Ontario, Canada is looking for farm workers. There are multiple vacancies, therefore, chance of securing the position is high. This is a permanent, full-time employment and pays quite well. to know more about the job role, please read on:


Farm Worker




14.39 per hour for a 48-hour week. Overtime is required.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • The farm deals with vegetable produce and requires farm workers who can handle crop harvesting, watering, cultivation, and protection.
  • One of the core responsibilities of the farm worker will be to report any indications of crop disease or damage.
  • Keeping the crops healthy by using pesticides and identifying errors and resolving them quickly is a significant part of the job.
  • Prepare the vegetables for delivery to the market and hand-handling weight up to 13.5kg or 30 lbs.
  • The farm workers must keep a record of the produce harvested and transported to the market. these records are to be reported to the farm manager.

Candidate Requirements

  • The job requires meeting deadlines because of the perishability of the vegetables which can decrease its market value. Therefore, someone who is a quick worker and can work under pressure will be required for this role.
  • Since the job requires long hours of standing, bending, kneeling, and crouching for work, someone who is physically fit will be able to execute the responsibilities of the role.
  • The farm has an inclusivity policy, therefore, the farm workers hired should be able to maintain harmony amongst each other.
  • The farm worker should possess their own gloves and work boots. Transport facility is also not available and the worker will have to arrange for their own transport.
  • No experience is required for this role, neither any educational degrees or certificates. However, English language proficiency is a must since the instructions will be given in English and the mode of communication at work and while dealing with transporters will be in English.

How to Apply

Apply by emailing at employment@newcastlefarms.ca by 27th September 2021.

Only applicants who have a work permit to work in Canada will be considered for this role since the employer is not eligible to give out work visas.  


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