High paying Taxi Driver Job Dubai – 2021

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A reputed distribution and trading company in Dubai in the packaged food industry is looking for a driver. The job is quite well-paying. Please read on to find about the roles and responsibilities of the driver and the requirements of the employer.


Driver at a reputed trading company in Dubai.


Unspecified – Overtime required

Roles and Responsibilities

  • The driver will be responsible for driving the car for the staff.
  • This job requires the driver to follow the directions given by the staff and be timely when it comes to pick and drop.
  • The driver must have a know how about small car faults and should be able to fix the car without any hassle in case of small issues.
  • The driver should inform the transport manager regarding the fuel requirements for the week.
  • Any increase in fuel requirements should be communicated to the transport manager with details and logs of the staff that are using the car.
  • The driver will also be responsible for cleaning the car.
  • The driver should also communicate any repair or maintenance requirements to the transport manager.
  • The worker should also be flexible to do work overtime. Overtime will be paid.

Candidate Requirements

  • Since the job requires driving around and having knowledge regarding the ways, someone who is experienced is required. 2-5 years of experience of driving in Dubai is a requirement for this role. However, it is not required that the candidate was working as a paid driver.
  • The job requires long hours of driving, sitting in the car, or sitting outside to wait for the staff, someone who is physically fit will be best suited for this role.
  • The candidate should be fluent in speaking French and English.
  • The candidate should have a valid UAE driving license.
  • The job also requires the driver to lift heavy loads and load it in the car. Therefore, it is a physically demanding job as well. Someone who is fit enough to handle the physical load will be considered for this job role.
  • This job role does not require any educational degree or certification, however, speaking proficiency in English and French is required for this role.

How to Apply

To apply, email at talent.recruit779@gmail.com. You can apply to this position by 30th September 2021.


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