Hilton Hotel Receptionist Job Dubai – November 2021

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Hampton by Hilton hotel in Dubai is looking for 3 receptionists for their front desk who will be responsible for greeting guests and entering their information. The employee will be getting a high salary and numerous benefits. Read on to find out more about the role and the requirements of the candidate.


Receptionist at Hampton by Hilton Hotel Dubai.  

Salary and Benefits

Unspecified – Overtime required

Roles and Responsibilities

  • The receptionist will be responsible for checking in the guests including those who have booked previously as well as those who are walk ins.
  • The receptionist is responsible for making sure that all the client needs are met.
  • The receptionist will be taking feedback from the guests on their checkout and inform relevant departments about the feedback for improvement in the guest experience.
  • The worker must have a knowledge of the hotel room categories, promotions, packages, and room rates to guide the guests in the best way possible.
  • Selling-up techniques are to be utilized by the receptionist to maximize the occupancy of the rooms and promote the facilities and services of the hotel.
  • The receptionist must use the correct procedures when accepting credit cards, or foreign currency for the payment of the services.
  • Offer valuable suggestions to the hotel management for the improvement of the service quality and strategies that can help improve guest experience.
  • The receptionist will be responsible for working according to the polices and procedures outlined and explained to them during the training sessions.
  • The worker must work in harmony with other departments to assure that everything works in synch to deliver exceptional customer service.

Candidate Requirements

  • The job is quite demanding, so someone who is vigilant and active will be required for the role.
  • Someone who is fluent in speaking English will be best for the role since the receptionist has to interact with the customers.
  • Previous experience in an industry which is customer focused like restaurants etc. is a selection criterion for this role.
  • Excellent grooming is required since the receptionist will be representing the hotel in front of the guests.
  • High school certificate or equivalent education level is required for this role.
  • The age group must be 20-35 years.
  • The candidate must possess proficiency in basic IT so as to conduct activities like checking in, checking out as well as managing an electronic record of guest complaints and other issues.
  • The receptionist needs to possess a vibrant and welcoming personality that assures that the guests are offered the best services as well as are influenced to experience other services and facilities of the hotel.  
  • Someone can showcase impeccable communication skills as well as lead other employees will be a best fit with the culture of the company.

How to Apply

Apply through https://jobs.hilton.com/us/en/job/HOT07U27/Receptionist. Apply for this position by 27th November, 2021.  


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