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As a Housekeeper, your primary responsibility is to clean and maintain a particular space regularly. Cleaning, replenishing supplies, and storing and cleaning equipment make up most of their duties. So if you are looking for the best HouseKeeper Jobs in Dubai, then this post is helpful for you. In this post, I am sharing the latest housekeeping job which you can consider if you are going to Dubai in a week or so. 

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What does a Housekeeper do?

If you are looking for HouseKeeper Jobs in Dubai, then you must know all the responsibilities of the housekeeper. Cleaning the assigned property or area according to the requirements of the client is the duty of the Housekeeper. People expect good service when they hire Housekeepers.

In order to make sure everything is neat and clean, housekeepers must be very thorough with what they do. Some clients may require the Housekeeper to do additional tasks, such as buying groceries and doing laundry in addition to cleaning the home. Special occasions or celebrations may require extra cleaning. The Housekeeper may have to work long hours and become physically exhausting. Physical stamina, flexibility, and strength should be possessed by housekeepers to meet these requirements.

It’s recommended that individuals seeking to become housekeepers have at least 3 years’ experience working as a housekeeper. Hotel and motel cleaners should have experience in the hospitality industry before entering the industry. A nursing home, retirement home, or any other medical facility can be a familiar place to work for people who are interested in that industry. So if you are applying to HouseKeeper Jobs in Dubai, then this job is best for you. 

Housekeeper duties and responsibilities

In their work area, Housekeepers should maintain a high level of cleanliness and tidiness. The type of job they have will determine the duties and responsibilities they have. Housekeepers typically perform the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Knowing the policies of their employer regarding work hours, possessions, and privacy
  • Cleaning windows, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, vacuuming, and performing other household tasks. To keep everything clean, you should also clean bathrooms, change linens, and do laundry. 
  • After they finish their shift, all cleaning equipment should be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and stored.
  • Clean according to the employer’s requirements
  • Response to client needs within a timely manner  
  • In the event of an accident or problem while performing cleaning services, inform the homeowner or employer

HouseKeeper Jobs in Dubai Description

A professional Housekeeper with integrity and attention to detail is needed to take care of our facilities.

  • Industry: Hotels/Restaurant
  • Career: Entry Level
  • Job Location: Dubai
  • Salary Expectation: AED 1001-1500
  • Experience Required: Less than 1 Year
  • Job Type: Full Time for Male Female
  • Gender: Any
  • Contact Number: 0503705121
  • Street: Sheikh Zayed Road
  • City: Dubai
  • Job Expires: 29 days, 21 hours


  • Sweep, mop, dust and polish surfaces as part of cleaning operations
  • Maintain the cleanliness of all rooms and inspect them according to standards
  • Make sure the equipment is protected and not insufficient
  • Any disturbance, damage, or defect must be reported to superiors.

If you want to apply to this HouseKeeper Jobs in Dubai, then send your CV on on 0503705121


Question 1: How do you become a good housekeeper?

Answer: In addition to being responsible, hardworking, reliable, trustworthy, and detail-oriented, a good Housekeeper must also be flexible and honest. In addition to standing, squatting, kneeling, bending, and being on their feet for long periods, they squat, bend and kneel. Communication skills and adherence to policies and procedures are other qualities that make a good housekeeper.

Question 2: What qualities are important to look for in a housekeeper?

Answer: Physical endurance is necessary for a Housekeeper to keep properties clean and maintained. By keeping clients’ properties in good condition, you ensure that every detail enhances the look and feel of the whole project. A good housekeeper should also be trustworthy and ethical. It is essential that a Housekeeper is trustworthy since they often work without supervision. Previous and existing clients’ testimonials and recommendations are also important. As many employers conduct background checks before hiring a Housekeeper, it is also important that the results of these checks are clear. So you need to keep in minds these qualities, if you are applying for HouseKeeper Jobs in Dubai.