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In Scarborough, Ontario, a food and beverage production company called Lantic Inc. is looking for production helpers. The job has a high paying salary and does not require the candidate to have any educational degrees or diplomas. Read on below to find out about the job and the application process.


Production Helper at Lantic Inc.  

Salary and Benefits

$17.50 per hour for a 40-43 hour week.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • The production helper will be responsible for carrying out work on the production site. One of the core responsibilities of the worker is clean the machines before the work starts and after the work ends based on the shift.
  • The worker is responsible for cleaning immediate work areas as well as other parts of the production unit.
  • The filled containers will have to be removed from the conveyor belt. Some items require manual packing into boxes and containers. The worker will have to assure that they work effectively and efficiently minimizing the errors during packaging.
  • The worker will not have to operate machinery, however, if the machine operators require assistance in the machine work, they must do it.
  • Processing machines need to be fed and unloaded. Machines that form containers from flattened carboard should also be fed.
  • The worker must assure that adequate packaging material is available at the workstations so that the work processes are not disrupted which will impact the production efficiency.
  • The worker is also responsible for checking the products and packaging for basic quality defects. If the defects are recurring, the worker will have to inform the machine operators to check the machine to minimize production and packaging defects.
  • Raw materials and finished materials should be transported to and from the processing site.
  • Mixing and grinding machines will have to be fed with measured ingredients.

Candidate Requirements

  • The work requires the employee to stay on their feet and be vigilant during duty hours.
  • The worker must be able to handle weight up to 23 kgs. Therefore, someone who is physically fit can do this work.
  • The worker will be doing repetitive tasks. Therefore, someone with good hand-eye coordination can do this job well.
  • Since the work is permanent, the employee must possess good team player skills as well as showcase flexibility. This will assure a harmonious working culture in the processing plant.
  • Experience is not a requirement for this role, however, if the candidate possesses experience, it will help in the application process.
  • No educational diplomas or degrees are required for this role. However, the candidate must showcase speaking and writing proficiency in English since the medium of communication is English language.

How to Apply

To apply, email at with your resume and a cover letter which can showcase your English writing skills. You can apply to this position by 22nd November, 2021.


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