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Accor hotels in Dubai is looking for safety officers for their hotels. The safety officer will be conducting risk assessments and developing training programs for the employees. In return, he/ she will receive tremendous benefits and a handsome salary package. Read on to find out more about the candidate requirements and the responsibilities of the safety officers.


Safety Officer at Accor Hotels


Unspecified – Overtime required

Roles and Responsibilities

  • One of the core responsibilities of the security officer is to identify relevant training needs.
  • Once the training needs have been identified, the safety officer will have to develop and conduct training programs.
  • The safety officer will also be responsible for conducting risk assessments and recommend mitigating measures for the reduction of the risks.
  • The safety officer will also be responsible for recommending the use of safety equipment to the different employees.
  • While the safety policies have been developed, the safety officer will review the policies and make necessary changes.
  • Keeping a record of the safety-related incidents will be a part of the safety officer’s job. The safety officer will review the cause of these incidents and recommend any measures for the prevention of these incidents in future.

Candidate Requirements

  • The job is quite fast-paced, therefore, someone with a can do attitude will be best suited for this role.
  • The safety officer needs to possess a vibrant and influencing personality that convinces the employees to follow SOPs and other precautionary measures.
  • Someone who can lead a team and showcase impeccable communication skills.
  • Since Accor is an inclusive employer, fluent English is a must for the safety officer.
  • Also, at times the safety officer will have to communicate with guests who come from different countries. Therefore, a confident individual is required to charm the guests and pacify them in case of any safety-related issue.
  • Since the safety of the hotel will be the responsibility of the safety officer, he/ she must be highly vigilant and responsible. In this regard, the interviewers will be looking for a self-driven individual.
  • About 2-4 years of experience working as a security officer is required for this role.
  • Basic graduation in any field is required, however, experience is the primary requirement.

How to Apply

Apply through Apply for this position as quickly as possible because the company is looking for immediate hiring.


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