Supervisory Role in Foodservice Industry Canada

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A fast food restaurant in Ontario is looking for 2 shift managers for their restaurant. The employer is quite reputed and is offering a handsome salary package to the worker along with medical and dental benefits. Read on ahead to find out about the job role and requirements.


Shift manager at FMI Atlantic Inc.


$15.75 per hour for a 35-40 hour week.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • The worker is responsible for developing schedules for kitchen workers.
  • The responsibility of managing the kitchen workers is also on the shift supervisor. The kitchen supervisor need to be told what to do, be conveyed complaints, and receive suggestions for improvements.
  • The shift manager is responsible to checking and assuring best quality of service.
  • The worker must also prepare weekly reports which will be submitted to the owners. The shift worker is responsible for maintaining records or repairs, stock, and wastage which will also be submitted along with the report.
  • The work is quite fast paced as quickness of delivery is one of the critical features of improving quality of service. Therefore, the worker must be agile and handle all issues promptly.
  • The shift manager is responsible for assuring smooth operations of the restaurant.
  • The shift managers also holds the responsibility to hire and fire subordinate staff.
  • Trainings of the staff and awareness regarding safety and sanitation procedures is the responsibility of the shift manager.
  • Cost and budget estimates are also the responsibility of the shift manager.

Candidate Requirements

  • Since the role is supervisory, at least 7 months – 1 year of experience is required.
  • The candidate must at least have a high-school or graduation certificate.
  • Spoken and written English language proficiency is a must since the staff will have to be communicated in English and the reports need to be prepared in English.
  • Someone who is presentable and is a fluent communicator in English is required for this role since the worker will be communicating with the customers and representing the food service chain.
  • The worker should know how to work as a team leader and work closely with the workers to identify any grievances that the workers might have.
  • The job requires long hours of standing and working in a fast-paced environment. Therefore, a physically fit person will be best suited for this role, although the employer is not supportive of discriminatory practices at work.
  • Since this is a long-term and permanent role, someone who fits in with the culture of the organization will be chosen since they will be responsible for maintaining the organizational culture amidst the workers.

How to Apply

To apply, email at You can also apply in person or mail at 1400 Algonquin Avenue, North Bay , ON, P1B 4Y5. You can apply to this position by 1st December 2021.


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