Waiter jobs in Dubai 2022

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An employee of a restaurant, bar, hotel, or other establishments that serve food and drinks is a waiter/waitress. This employee provides the best possible service to the guests during their meal. The hostess greets guests, takes their orders, and carries out all the logistical details for a smooth dining experience. So if you’re in Dubai or moving in the upcoming days and looking for a suitable job, then make sure to check this Waiter Job in Dubai. Providing exceptional customer service is the priority of a Waiter/Waitress at a restaurant or cafe. 

They prepare bills at the end of a table’s meal, note patrons’ orders, and serve table meals according to their requests. It is also the responsibility of waiters to inquire if customers are satisfied with their meals and to offer assistance in the case of dissatisfaction.

The ability to endure long hours and be patient with challenging customers is crucial for a waiter to succeed. All services are provided in a friendly manner by a good waiter who anticipates the needs of the customer. 

Waiter Job in Dubai Responsibilities and Training Requirements

  • Hand out menus and welcome customers.
  • Place customer orders in the kitchen for meals and beverages.
  • Inform patrons about any specials and recommend menu items.
  • After meals and beverages have been prepared, deliver them to the tables.
  • Customer satisfaction is checked after each meal.
  • When tables are requested, prepare the bill.
  • Make sure that you have paid the correct amount on your bills.
  • Tables may need to be adjusted if necessary.

Assigning shifts to other servers and performing shift leader duties may be the duties of some servers, which are essentially the managers of the dining room and guests.

Most employers prefer that waiters and waitresses have a high school diploma. However, they do not need a formal education to work as waiters or waitresses. People in the service industry can take Safe Food Handling certifications to position themselves as more attractive candidates in competitive markets on some websites and at some state agencies. The waiter/waitress can advance to managerial or leadership positions with more experience in the field.

Job Description

Below are all the details of this Waiter Job in Dubai. If it’s suitable for you, then make sure to apply it on time. 

Industry: Hotels/Restaurant

Career: Unspecified

Job Location: Dubai

Salary Expectations: Unspecified

Experience Required: 1 – 2 Years

Job Type: Full Time

Gender: Any

Contact Number: 0566310280

Email Address: hr.mathira@gmail.com

Street: Al fahidi

City: Dubai

Qualification and Skill for Waitress/Waiter

Waiters/waitresses who are successful must be fast, attentive to details, and multitask effectively. A Waiter/Waitress must possess the following skills and qualifications:

  • Minimum age requirements: Waiters/waitresses in some states must be over the legal drinking age to serve alcohol in restaurants.
  • Customer service skills: Customer service is the primary responsibility of Waiters/Waitresses. Newcomers should be able to demonstrate skills that will assist them in dealing with the public.
  • Physical ability: A Waiter and Waitress must stand for long periods of time to perform their daily duties and lift heavy items, such as trays, cups, and plates.
  • Critical thinking and time management: Waiters and waitresses must be able to cope with stress well. In a very busy restaurant where sous chefs are behind on tickets, the servers may need to use their critical thinking and time management skills. The skills are used to ensure guest satisfaction and satisfaction in the kitchen.

How to Apply

You can sue the following detail to apply to this Waiter Job in Dubai:

  • 056-6310280
  • 054-3537369

Waiter/Waitress experience requirements

Often, new Waiters/Waitresses start as Hosts or Hostesses and work their way up to positions as servers. Becoming a Waiter/Waitress does not require any previous experience. You’ll need customer service skills, attention to detail, and multitasking skills to succeed in the service industry. Usually, food service industry experience and skills are gained after working for a while.


How do you become a great waiter/waitress?

Having a friendly and patient personality is essential for a good Waiter/Waitress. You need to be quick to make decisions and communicate well with your co-workers. Excellent multi-tasking skills and attention to detail are essential.

Who does a Waiter/Waitress work with?

In addition to working alongside other servers, waiters and waitresses interact with guests daily. In certain dining outlets, they report to a shift leader, while in others, they report to various levels of management.