Well-paying Vacancies in Dubai

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A popular restaurant in Dubai is hiring waiters and waitresses for serving the guests. This is a full-time role and pays quite well. The job requires giving overtime. There is no pre-requisite of an educational degree or experience which opens up opportunities for many candidates seeking for a job in the prestigious city.


Waiter/ Waitress in a prestigious restaurant in Dubai



Roles and Responsibilities

  • The waiter/ waitress will be responsible for greeting the customers into the restaurant, escort them to their tables and offer them the menu and specials of the restaurant.
  • The waiter/ waitress should be welcoming and make the guests feel comfortable.
  • Memorization of the menu, offering detailed information about any allergens in the meals and specials is a must since the restaurant prides on offering the customers the best experience.
  • The waiter/ waitress should up-sell products when deemed appropriate.
  • Communicate orders to the kitchen staff, prepare tables for serving, and serving the food is also part of the roles and responsibilities of the worker.
  • Presenting bills and overseeing the payment process is also an important part of the job.
  • The worker must also deal with customer complaints in the best way possible assuring that the customer leaves the restaurant satisfied with the service.

Candidate Requirements

  • Since the job requires staying on one’s toes to deliver exceptional service, it is a physically demanding job. Therefore, someone who can handle the physical load will be considered for the job role.
  • The job requires long hours of standing and working on tasks like setting up the table and serving food. Therefore, someone with good hand-eye coordination will be best suited for this role.
  • Although experience is not a requirement for this role, it is an asset.
  • Since this is a permanent full-time role, someone who can work well with the team, is friendly and flexible will well adjust to the work culture of the restaurant.
  • No educational degree is required for this job role, however, speaking proficiency in English and Arabic is required for this role to cater to local as well as international customers.

How to Apply

To apply, email at info.ligglo@gmail.com or call 054-3537346 or 054-4581398. You can apply to this position by 30th September 2021.


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